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Tom’s art journey has been awesome. He started drawing as a little kid growing up in The Netherlands. Now in his 60’s he is going stronger than ever creating studio pieces as well as commissioned works for discerning art collectors. His largest commission to date comprised of 7 panels of 11”x70” and is called “Primarily Family”. It was installed in a magnificent home in Palm Desert, California, and tells a wonderful

Tom’s work has sold through art galleries and directly to art collectors in the USA and Canada. Works have been installed in private residences as well as aboard luxury yachts.

If you’re not afraid of color you’ll love Tom’s work. His art mission is to inspire, encourage and uplift people with color and composition.


Check out his work and become part of the ever-growing group of art collectors who own a “Bakker”.

image of modern and abstract artist Tom Bakker sitting on a set of stairs
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